Is it a lateral canal or internal resorption? (by Ilya Mer)

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AP appeared 8 years after crown placement. I went through the crown. Buccal canal was absolutely necrotic but palatal one had some vital tissues.  After calcium hydroxide I noticed the paste come out in the coronal third of root. Is it lateral canal or perforated root as a consequence of internal resorption or in the worst case could be a VRF

The case was fafter two weeks with calcium hydroxide. I did retraction of the soft tissue and examined the root surface through the microscope. Fortunately the fracture wasn’t found but true periodontal pocket and deep root concavity in between the buccal and palatal roots.

strange enlargment in the middle third
exit of dressing material
concavity between roots
Postop images
6 month recall, complete periapical healing, distal periodontal pocket reduced to 3mm

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