24 month follow up after cyst like lesion (Ilya Mer)

The patient doesn’t remember where and when RCT was done, but his mother remembered the trauma had happened 20 years ago. The LEO  is not so obvious but the size is very impressive, isn’t it? There is a silver point and some unknown paste in the coronal and some BS in the middle third. Looks like external inflamatory resorption. After cleaning coronally I caught the silver point into a hollow needle and took it out. There wasn’t need in a glue, it came out easily. The sodium hypochlorite made the upper part of the point shine. The apical portion sat into cement and looked corrosive. But it wasn’t the whole silver point. The rest was located on a 20mm deep and I had to take time out in order to find the ultrasonic instrument could come to this deep. I ordered the biggest endosonor file #35 for endoadapter and next appointment managed to brake the cement around the silver point and release it. A small tip floated out I saw it through the microscope but could prevent. The second appointment ended up with calcium hydroxide dressing shown me exactly where should I finished the root canal filling. MTA Angelus plug and squirt with guttapercha and epoxy sealer. It looked short I know, but I believed the rest is outside of root. Hope to show recalls.

Preoperative view
PAL was really huge but patient had never felt anything, there was no any exacerbation for 20 years!
The silver point came out with help of needle and glue
The apical part of silver point remaned inside
The constriction showed where was the true apical foramen Never believed it was located on 24mm deep
MTA plug
Preoperative and postoperative X-rays
12 month recall
24 month recall




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