Internal resorption and sinus communication (by Ilya Mer)

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Patient was sent with with internal resorption in palatal root. Referral said that there was no way to treat it as it was bleeding like hell. I did pre endo build up in my usual way.

Palatal looked very strange but without typical resorptive tissue. It was just my luck that I was careful and didn’t use Hypo and started with saline. It was surprising to see the irrigate solution to disappear into palatal canal after each piston pressure. If I was using hypo, the sinus would have been filled with it. I’ve decided to obturate only buccal roots and to fill palatal with Calcium Hydro paste – morning brings counsel.

Next visit palatal was dry at the apex, there was no bleeding from the resorption area. Obturation apex by MTA Angelus, injection by Obtura for mid-third and MTA for resorption area as well.

Pre endo build up was performed after decay removal
resorptive tissue was removed
Apex at high magnification
Buccal canals were obturated, the palatal one was with calcium hydroxide
The apex was dry, I fitted the plugger and made the MTA plug
Final pulp chamber view
Final X-ray
6 month recall

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