Genre busting tooth (by Ilya Mer)

According to the laws of genre this tooth would be extracted  a year before.

It’s really looked awful – open margin crown, broken file, ledging, perforation, overfilling, apical periodontitis. I was quite pessimistic while starting that treatment. But this tooth behaved himself as a good one. Broken file was retrieved, canals negotiated and cleaned then obturated.  Decision was not to touch perf and do it by surgery in case we needed it. A year later it’s still without crown but healed.

Initial X-ray and view of broken file in pulp chamber
Initial X-ray and view of broken file in pulp chamber
BOA technique helped to remove file
BOA technique helped to remove file
disinfection and obturation steps
disinfection and obturation steps
1 year recall - healed!
1 year recall – healed! No surgery needed. 



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