Perforating internal resorption 2.0 (by Ilya Mer)

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I’d like to share with you the second case of perforating internal resorption

This patient came to our practice with no referring, just found our homepage on the Internet and came to consult

Tooth #12 (#7) was opened for endodontics 2 weeks before because of acute pain and swelling in some place but remained open “for drainage”. Actually I have doubt the X-ray was done at all

On preoperative X-ray internal perforating resorption in apical one-third and lateral rarefication  of periradicular  bone were seen


Examinations: Perc+, Palp+, Mob-

I’ve tried to clean the tooth mostly with Hypo and its agitation with ultrasonic and temporary dressing of Ca(OH)2. I can’t state symptoms were gone completely, but the situation was improved after several visits and re-dressing during 2 months. Haven’t seen more clinical response I decided to seal the tooth. Apical portion was obturated with GP and sealer by injection technique and the resorption area by grey MTA (Angelus).
Sinus tract was appeared a month later and made me go to surgery.
Overfilled MTA was removed and after cavity formation was sealed with IRM.
Resorption are sealed with IRM
Close look


The healing process was not going smoothly and patient felt discomfort in area 3 weeks after the surgery even taking antibiotics. I threw my hands up and advised to extract the tooth but we postponed it because of vacation, then he wasn’t shown any more

The day before yesterday he called me and asked to see him for recall. For my huge surprise all symptoms gone and healing sings seen on X-ray!

Intra-, postoperative X-rays and the situation after 3 months
6 month recall
6 month recall
14 month recall
14 month recall
24 month recall
24 month recall




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