Reversible pulpitis and pulpotomy with MTA (by Ilya Mer)

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Primary caries of #27 (15), chief complaint was sensitivity for sweet. After referral dentist has performed vitality test with Endofrost patient felt continuous pain for several seconds (I was told about 10 sec). So patient was referred to my office with irreversible pulpitis

After my examination was clear that spontaneous pain never occurred, cold test showed 2 sec moderate pain, no percussion pain.

Preoperative images. Deep dentin decay transparented through enamel
After all decay was removed pulp chamber pulp already was exposed and coronal part removed with sterile bur. Reevaluation showed small bleeding from MB that was easily stopped with calcium hydroxide application (left arrow), palatal pulp looked very healthy and didn’t bleed
I made a decision to perform pulpotomy with MTA. One week later – no complaints


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