2 year follow up after strip perforation (by Ilya Mer)

Here is the 2 year follow up after  iatrogenic perforation on mesial root #47. I has started as a regular re-retreatment with under preparated RC system, short filling in both roots. After I’ve got apical patency and was ready to obturation I found myself in strip perf of the  coronal third in the mesial root. The perforation was sealed at the same appointment with MTA Angelus. Final restoration was completed after 3 month recall. 1 and 2 year recall showed no bone lysis in furca and completed healing in periapical area

Preoperative image of "short" obturation and PAL
WL verification
Hmm, sealer in the furca points to perforation
Coronal third sealed with MTA
Postoperative X-ray
final restoration after 3 month recall
one and two year recalls



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