Hu-u-ge PAL and 1 year recall (by Ilya Mer)

Русская версия

#21 filled with cement long time ago. Swelling, pain and sinus tract appeared on palatal, I’ve never seen it before.

PreOp images


Refering doctor tried to go through the cement but turn buccally and did the smal perf in the middle third.

I've got a lot of pus from periapical area after the cement was broken out with help of ultrasonic device.


Lateral incisor didn’t response to cold but bled being opened. I changed Ca(OH)2 twice during two days and then placed for long time.

After 6 weeks the situation looks much better. No symptoms, no sinus tract, no mobility. Even radiographically it looks smaller.


Apical MTA plug was performed and at the same time the perforation was closed. Obturation by injection with Obtura technique and AH+ sealer has been finished at the same appointment
Postop X-ray
1year recall shows almost complete healing




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