Open apex (by Ilya Mer)

Русская версия

A young lady was sent to consult and retreatment of #36 (19)if possible

Went on the red brown color of the tooth it looked like resorcinol formaldehyde pulpotomy was done as an initial treatment.  She has remembered that the treatment was done in municipal dental clinic  in her childhood and never hurt her during all these years.

Preop images
Trying not to touch the cement on pulp chamber floor I has built the walls with dual-cure cement. I have noticed the bleeding flowed from the mesial aspect of the tooth. Was it the leakage under the restoration? No, for my big surprise the pulp in mesial root was steel vital and it bled
Having removed the debris and putrid from the distal canal I have found granulation tissue on the "apex" level. Calcium hydroxide was placed in the canals
Next visit granulation tissue was a good and durable matrix for MTA I made
Final X-rays, MTA plug in the distal and regular obturation with sealer and guttapercha in mesial root

6 month follow up


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