Perforation repair done by cast post (by Ilya Mer)

Русская версия

The perforation was done by referral dentist during attempt to prepare the root canal for dowel of cast post. BTW according to the literature more than half of perforations occur by this way. He has realized the problem and tried to seal the perforation with guttapercha points but it made the gutta cones come out of root canal.

Preop X-ray
removing the gutta cone was rather simple
This is a very common situation for upper incisors, most of perforations done at buccal wall in the midroot. True root canal is usually located more palataly, the same in this case
Perforation and root canal images at the same point, just to turn the mirror
After the shaping was completed, calcium hydroxide was dressed for two weeks
Gelatamp as an extra-radicular matrix was placed out of root then perf was sealed with MTA. The apical third of true canal was obturated by squirt technique with Obtura gun.
Preop, postop and 6 month recall images.


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