Perf/no perf? (by Ilya Mer)

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#25 (#13) has been sent to the root canal treatment due to chronical pulp inflammation. The treatment has been done and you see the result, but look at #26 (#14)

There is a huge screw post, radiolucent spot in between the buccal roots. The only obturated root is the palatal one and the post is not in it. Looks like perf, isn't it?
I'm used to make pre endo restoration if I suggest more than one visit. Here is Toffelmayer holder and the matrix band placed on the tooth. I'm used to cover orifices with warm gutta-percha from Obtura unit before the restoration . It protects the composite from getting into the chamber floor and later it can be easily removed.
Here is the shaped mesial system view - MB1 and jointed MB2 and MB3. Here is the distobuccal canal. And the palatal root…
No perforation at all. The anatomy was so huge, and as well as I understood the mesiobuccal and the palatal roots were fused.
Here is the Working Length determination X-ray. Palatal root had such a big apex that I had to use Ultrasound tip to check the WL and it had been obturated with apical MTA plug.
Post op X-rays and 1 year recall
The patient is still with temporary crown 🙁 but it isn't depens on me but his relationships with RD

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