Strip perforation two year recall (by Ilya Mer)

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This patient appeared  in my clinic with sinus tract and radiolucent area between mesial and distal root, Non surgical retreatment was done by myself about 18 months before the event.  While taking an old root canal filling out MB and ML were joined by GG#3. On final the X-ray filling looked “wide” but there was no sign of perforation: no bleeding, no sealer’s puffs. So, tracing with GP leaded to furcation area.

PreOp X-ray, there is resorption in between mesial and distal root
Tracing with gutta-percha

It was clear that strip perforation on internal curve of mesial root caused that process.  I decided to re-endo this case, to localize the perforation and to seal it if possible.

Only mesial part of cast post was removed
perforation was localized and dressed with calcium hydroxide for two weeks
Sinus tract healed after two weeks

After calcium hydroxide was removed the whole canal volume was filled with MTA Angelus

Preop and Postop
6 month recall, no symptoms, no pocket, no sinus tract
12 months recall, permanent crown already had done
2 years recall

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