С-shaped molar

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This patient came with pain in his right side of the jaw that radiated to the ear. 46 looked completely shattered, but the cause of pain was the second molar. Pulp tissue in the coronal third was necrotic. You can see the strings of blood vessels inside the yellow necrotic pulp tissue. From the first look on pulp chamber it was clear that it was C-shape. During the treatment there was a good flare up after the second appointment. Mainly, cleaning was done by irrigation with sodium hypochlorite and ultrasonic. During the fourth visit I’ve completed obturation and amalcore as well. IMHO I have a small underfilling in the mesial root, unfortunately I’ve noticed it only on final X-ray after the core was set.

Preop X-rays
necrotic tissue of pilp chaber pulp
Pilp chamber view
WL X-rays
Final X-rays

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