Resorcinol cement removal (by Ilya Mer)

Русская версия

#45 sent to retreatment.  Tooth has had a red brown staining as a consequence of resorcinol base sealer using during previous treatment. After a  screw post removing the hard resorcinol cement was found. It was broken out in help of ultrasonic device. I used to shorten  Endosonore Files  (Maillifer) #15 in order to apply more power on them.

See details in video.

PreOp X-ray, root canal had been filled with pore in the middle third, it can hint about paste or cement
X-rays without files show cement remains on dentin walls
After all cement was removed injection by Obtura was performed. Calcium hydroxide was placed in in empty coronal third. That place would be used for dowel

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